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Natural Cures And Remedies

Natural Cures And Remedies

Natural Remedies Earache

The ear is one of the most significant parts of the human body and is separated into three different sections: The outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. Hearing and stability are the two main functions performed by the human ear. Each part of the ear is used either for hearing or for balance. The most susceptible part of the ear is the ear drum. Earache is a ordinary problem among children and adults.

Causes of Earache

Signs for otitis externa and otitis media

Depending upon the symptoms we can know which part of the ear has problem. Both otitis externa and otitis media have dissimilar symptoms. Signs of otitis externa are mild itching or pain, swelling, thick discharge from the ear, hearing loss. The most ordinary symptom of otitis media is mild pain in the ear. In addition to this, some other symptoms are fever, hearing loss and occasional discharge from the ears. Child may show symptoms like diarrhea, poor feeding, irritability and so on.

Otitis externa and Otitis media

The two main causes of earache are the infection of the outer ear and the middle ear called otitis externa and otitis media in medical parlance. Otitis externa is the skin infection of the ear canal which often takes place after swimming. It is also identified as  swimmer’s ear. Otitis media is the illness of the middle ear and eardrum. It is normally seen in infants and children. Ear pain may also be caused due to ear infection or any ear disease, nose, mouth, or throat infection, injury to jaw bones, an insect in the ear, fungus enlargement in the ear, wax buildup in the ear and so on.

Home Remedies for Earache

Use of garlic juice: Home Remedy for Earache

Pour a few garlic juice in the paining ear; its antibiotic properties will help to relieve the pain. If your earache is due to rise in height than just chew gum or yawn. This will contract the muscles and unlock the Eustachian tubes. For swimmer’s ear, put a number of mineral oil in both ears before going in the water. Apply some heat to your aching ear with a heating pad or a warm cloth. Put few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the painful ear. Put two drops of holy basil leaves’ juice in the painful ear. One of the good home remedies for earache.

Vitamin C Diet: Home Remedy for Earache

Most commonly earache is a effect of an ear infection. Take Vitamin C to enhance your immune system. It is a natural antibiotic and antihistamine that helps to decrease inflammation and fever. Include zinc in your diet since it reduces ear infection. Certain foods, more normally dairy products like milk, butter, cheese etc tend to aggravate ear infections, so it is better to avoid them during an ear infection.

Other suggestions

Clean your ear professionally often. This will eliminates all the dirt or any object, which must be residing in and may cause problem later on. Use earplugs during swimming to restrict water from entering your ear.

For ear aches, put 2 drops of Crisco Oil into the sore ear and it will releive within minutes

Take about 2-3 cups of salt and heat it ( warm not hot)in a frying pan. Put the salt in an all white tube sock. Tie off the sock and lay the ear that harms on the sock( Do Not put the sock on your ear, becuaes the salt grannuals may drop in your ear.Put under your ear as you lay watching T.V. or before bed. You would like the salt to be warm enough for it to the hold the heat for awhile, if it is too hot just put a towel over the salt and sock until it is bearable to the touch of your ear. This remedy is best Home Remedy for Earache.

Cut a portion of garlic. Enfold it with a piece of cotton ball, soak it with alcohol. Squeeze the excess alcohol and put it in the ear that aches. (Make it small enough to fit it the ear).

Soak half a cotton wool ball in olive oil place in the microwave (approx 20 seconds on mine) till its warm NOT hot, squeeze out excess oil so its damp, then place in ear, parcetamol helps too!



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